Living and Sleeping

Kitchen equipment and essentials

Water & Electricity

Relax, we have a checklist for ypu
Before setting off on your journey, we'll give you a thorough walkthrough of the van, with details such as how to turn electricity on and off, lock the shelves before driving or filling up water tanks, and include a checklist just like on an airliner.

We guarantee a clean and functioning vehicle, and we expect you to take good care of it. That way, that those who rent it after you can fully enjoy it too, just like those before you did, so please keep that in mind and follow their good example. If you encounter an issue of any sort, you can count on us. Just get in touch and we'll do everything to find a solution.
Travel aficionados, we got you covered. Dreamy Drifter is well maintained with extra checks before each new rental to make sure you're safely at your next destination.

You're a good driver, but concerned about parking a big vehicle in tough spots? Don't worry, your travel buddy won't have to get out and wave and shout every time you're reversing, because we gave Dreamy Drifter parking sensors.

An anti-theft alarm will help you sleep better, whether taking a roadside nap or pulling a well-deserved marathon of Zs. After all, you're on your vancation and you should have all the time to yourself.
If you stray from the beaten path and can't remember where you parked the van, relax. It's equipped with a satellite surveillance system that can locate the vehicle at any time and send you the instructions on how to find it. Just make sure to have the keys and vehicle papers on you, not leave them in the van, every time you leave for a walk, a swim, or a beer.

We're sure you're a great and careful driver, but accidents can happen even to those (fingers crossed!). We have a solution for that too – 24/7 roadside assistance for all travels within the European Union.

Still not 100 percent sure what to expect? Find some more tips and advice here. After renting our camper van, feel free to refer to them as a reminder – but we're sure you'll have absorbed all of it by then.

Extra options:

Vehicle Technical Description

Model – Iveco Daily

Year of the first registration – 2014

Weight: 3500 kg


Vehicle height: 290 cm

Vehicle length: 720 cm

Vehicle width: 200 cm

Fuel type: Diesel

Fuel consumption: 10L / 100km

Gearbox: manual / 6 speed

Number of seatbelts: 3

Drivers licence: valid category B

  • Air Condition in drivers’ cabin
  • Car radio
  • Parking sensors
  • Side windows and back windows
  • Loads of storage options
  • Windows shades and covers